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Hello - well here we go - I will start by way of an introduction !

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Buckle up and get comfy - that is not to say its going to be interesting - its definitely going to be a rambling from me, and in no way do I accept responsibility for my grammar or spelling as I am a 'fully functioning' dyslexic !! I live for spellcheck and also have a tendency to write how I speak... I do though, have a passion for design and working with others sharing a creative vision.

Interior design and styling have been a passion of mine from before I joined the forces where I completed my first distance learning course by way of a diploma in professional interior design whilst stationed in Germany - which I refreshed with Stafford University approximately 20 years later!

My love for styling whether it be for products or interior styling came next!

I hope you enjoy my feed - whether it be my blog or my ever growing (fairly new) Instagram account that I use to share my shots along with many of my favourites across Instagram seeing as there are so many shots on there that I just cannot ignore and need to be shared.

I was born and lived in Germany until my teenage years and returned as an adult whilst stationed out there. whist living there in in Germany we spent a lot of holidays and many weekends in the Netherlands (I will never forget the hearts mountains xx) and 'voila' my love for all that is Nordic and Scandi was cemented into my make-up!

So thats me x

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